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What it feels like to walk into a yoga class when yogi's won't move their mats.

The most challenging part of yoga is making it to class, and sometimes finding a space to practice. As a yogi we're all supposed to have an open heart, live with an open mind but it doesn't seem that people follow that train of thought when in yoga class. Have you ever walked into a packed class and people simply stare at you? It's awkward and I break out in a sweat because I want to strangle yogis, totally opposite of how I'm supposed to feel as yoga. 

Here's a video about what it's like to walk into a class filled with un-inviting yogi's. 

I want to thank the beautiful yogi's at Mojofit Studios in Fargo, ND. They were so fun to be with and great actresses too! If you're ever in Fargo be sure to check out the studio and give them a bit yogi hug from me!

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May 12, 2015 • Posted by Roy

Wendy Thank you so much. I am touched once again and feel untrhwoy as I have not followed through on the requirements for the beautiful blogger award you so graciously honored me with some time ago. To make matters worse I have been neglecting my blog lately. So I am doubly honored and humbled by your kindness. Last weekend I read a book- front to back- that has rocked my world. 12 Steps to a Compassionate Life by Karen Armstrong. Are you familiar with this book? John W McBurney UMG Neurosciences Sent from my iPhone

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