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How to wear Liquido Active Leggings

Patterned leggings are all the rage these days, and I see why. They’re comfortable, stylish, great for yoga or running around town. Liquido Active leggings originated out of Australia and are distributed in the US, all orders have a flat shipping fee of $6’s, which I love. The leggings have an awesome unique pattern, and a nice band that goes around your waist. For me, because I’m hippie (not the 60’s but like the childbearing kind), they run tight and I recommend going up a size. They have stretched out a bit since I’ve washed them, I’m not complaining about this. They’re really soft and feel great during yoga. I’ve used Sweat House Spray on the Liquido Active leggings too and it worked wonderfully!! I’ve worn them 5 times and they smell as fresh as the day that I bought them.

Now some of you might be thinking that you’re tool old for leggings, or they aren’t your style, I promise you get a pair of Liquido Active Leggings and you don’t be disappointed.

I recommend purchasing them!! at www.liquidoactive.com they have long leggings, tops, jackets and lots of other good accessories. Be sure to check them out on Instagram, @liquidoactive Go check them out!!


Apr 06, 2015 • Posted by Norituka

Ha ha, I think whoever makes those telows needs to send you a check for your free advertising These sparked a lot of interest! They’re great![] Reply:October 23rd, 2010 at 11:44 PMThe telows were from a novelty shop in downtown Annapolis, MD. My mother-in-law couldn’t remember the name, but when she finds it she’ll let me know! []

Apr 04, 2015 • Posted by Mike

They are super CUTE! Thanks for sharing I want to cghane up my kitchen, perhaps owls and those colors are the way I need to go!?Have a good one and happy Friday!~ingrid[] Reply:October 22nd, 2010 at 12:34 PMOh, wow. I need to ask where my mother-in-law found these. I’ll let you know when I find out! []

Apr 03, 2015 • Posted by Esequiel

Thank you so much, though slduendy I feel very, very old : I danced to their music throughout the swinging, sexy Sixties. It was the British Invasion & there has been nothing like it since, sui generis & all that. Golden anniversary, 50 years … I think everyone I knew from then is gone : it’s like that board-game ’ I’m the sole survivor ! ’ ( Well, me & the Stones. ) —reader

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