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Yogi's doing yoga @ Lululemon and Juice So Good.

Yoga at Lululemon Check out the video to the watch my commentary on the event. There are a few things that I’m really into, networking within the Minneapolis/St.Paul fitness/yoga communities, lip Gloss, yoga pants and tops from Lululemon, yoga at Core Power Yoga and juicing. Over the weekend I attended a free yoga session at Lululemon in the West End of St.Louis Park. I got to shop at Lululemon with my husband, do yoga outside with one of my favorite instructors from Core Power and tried a local Juice Company for the first time too, it was a super fun night!! I love Lululemon’s philosophy as a company. They aren’t just about yoga pants and leggings, they’re about enabling their employees and their customers to understand their goals and help them achieve them, all the while designing fashionable and functional fitness gear. The majority of Lululemon stores offer free weekly yoga classes in the store that are taught by their ambassadors. Simply go to www.lululemon.com to find your nearest store and like them on Facebook and you’ll be connected to their uber cool events in your area. You’ll also be able to learn about studios in your surrounding area. Each Lululemon store has an Ambassador, or multiples ambassadors. They are local yogi’s/trainers that excel in what they do and are apart of the fitness community. They are chosen to be the ambassador by the local Lululemon team and can be recommended by customers as well. These ambassador programs are brilliant, you don’t always have to be promoting your own business all of the time, share your wisdom and get to know people because you care. Lululemon gives local studios a platform to market their instructors and their business in a friendly non-threatening environment, and best of all it’s free! The employees at Lululemon are all fitness geeks (in a good way) so they attend the ambassador’s classes, post pictures of them in the classes on Facebook and recommend it to customers that visit the store. The ambassador’s beautiful lifestyle portraits are prominently displayed in the store as well. There are so many positive vibes when you walk into the the store, everyone is always smiling and I’ve never felt judged or felt as if a sales person is unapproachable and bitchy. They have an excellent corporate culture and I really like to wear their yoga pants! The event last weekend was called Yoga at the Drive InFree yoga in the middle of the outdoor mall, music playing, yoga mats laid out, a warm summer night and one of my favorite Core Power Yoga instructors, Stephen Johnson, was teaching. A free class too, super cool. They had some free goodies like popcorn and a drawing to win a massage too. After the practice they blew up a movie screen and projected, Back to the Future, on it, “Great scott!” Juice So Good, www.juicesogood.com the only organic, non-GMO, cold pressed juice company in the Midwest was there with their food truck that played music. They have been at a lot of local events and it’s fun to see them grow. They offer 1, 3 and 5 day cleanses and I must say their juice is delicious and so much easier to open a bottle and smash than juicing at home with my Vitamix and cheese cloth. Andy, my hubs, and I met a lot of cool people from the fitness community at this event. We sprayed a few down with Sweat House Spray and briefly discussed our Kickstarter but that wasn’t our goal. We want to build our brand organically and support others in the community by getting to know them. If someone happens to be our customer down the road, great, if not thats cool too because we have our love for health and fitness in common. Be sure to check out Lululemon’s free events in your area, you won’t regret it.

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