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Mindful and Present this Christmas Season


Top 5 ways to help you be mindful and present this Christmas Season:

1. Hide your phone. I can't delete my social apps because it's how I do business. Instead I charge my phone in my bedroom and leave it there, when I'm with my family I don't use my phone. This is confusing to friends and family because I don't return texts but it's made a world of difference because I'm present without my phone.

2. Before getting upset ask yourself if it's truly important. I'm using this rule of thumb with my kids AND husband. 

3. Wake up early on othe weekends and get your errands done so you can enjoy the day with your family. Beat the crowds. 

4. Do your shopping online. Two years ago my husband and I took a night and did all of our Christmas shopping on-line and it was awesome! The gifts arrived wrapped too! As a working Mom I've got to save myself from myself and doing things efficiently is how I do it. This year, I'm going to take part in Cyber Monday! 

5. Take time for yourself to exercise, and meditate. When you clear your mind intentionally you're making space for other things such as joy and happiness. 

I challenge you be mindful, patient and positive, enjoy the season and your loved ones.


Being mindful can be hard this time of year. Rarely are we living in the moment, we're planning, prepping and rushing for the future moments. Personally, I've been caught up with launching a business and when I'm not working I'm consumed with my family, I try to soak them up. I'm laser focused yet extremely frazzled because I can't make a decision easily. Yesterday, I ran errands with my daughter Lillian and she was an absolute joy to be with because she was so well behaved. But I as I look back I wonder if I enjoyed her presence enough. As I think back of my errands I realize that I was always husseling and most importantly I wasn't enjoying my precious time with Lillian as much as I could have. I hurried our time at Starbucks because we had to get to Home Depot, why? I could have sat and enjoyed her cute little stories in her adorable voice, instead I hurried us out the door. Then when we were getting into the car I was impatient with her because her muddy boots got on the leather seat and I scolded her for not being careful. Really, she's 4 and the boots are so big how is she really supposed to control them? Why I was mindful about my dumb leather seats? When we got to Home Depot I rushed us in and didn't even take a moment to enjoy the wonderful scent of Christmas pines, or explain to her the different varieties of them, explain why we decorate and how. I couldn't decide what I wanted so we ran from inside to outside to pick up then drop off items again. I grabbed some  tree toppers and one set of candy cane lights that she wanted and we quickly checked out. On our way out I was in such a hurry to get to the car, walking ahead of Lilly telling her to hurry up and button her coat. Why? Why am I rushing? Why am not making the most of every single second that I have with her? I wasn't mindful in the moment and right now I'm making a pact that I will be mindful this Christmas season. Jesus is the reason for the season and He gave me my children, husband and family to enjoy not to just tag along with me. No matter what I'm doing this season I'm going to be mindful and present. I'm not going to be thinking about the up coming event or checking my Facebook and Instagram, thinking about what's happening the next day. Because I want to enjoy my family and I want them to enjoy me too. Happy Thanksgiving.


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May 20, 2015 • Posted by Barry Brands

Nicely said Patty! I enjoyed reading this blog and how inspirational you are. I was in a UPS training class with Cathy today and we started talking about you, Garber, and the group. She referenced that you were starting your own business and I had to check out your site. I love the products- especially the spray- I have a few shirts that just need to be burned at this point. We need to connect at some time and catch up. Take care- Barry

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