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Keep calm and drink green juice


'm a sucker for healthy trends. So when juices started making their way into the coolers at the grocery store and everyone and their Mom was writing about "juicing" in I jumped on that band wagon. Until I went broke. This is my favorite green juice recipe and I don't use a juicer, I repeat. I don't use a juicer, I use a Vitamix and a super fine strainer that I found at an Asian market. Instead of pushing the produce through the juicer you put them in the vitamix and strain the pulp from the juice. If you have apples that aren't good sliced up this is an excellent opportunity to use that shit up, don't throw it away! With a Vitamix you're not going to get as potent of juice as you would with a juicer, but lets be serious do you really need it 100% proof? I hope that you enjoy my hacked green juice recipe. 

1 knuckle (1 inch piece) ginger

1 whole lemon without the rind

2 leaves of kale, any variety OR 2 cups spinach

2 pieces of celery

1-2 carrots 

1 apple

1 cup coconut water 

2 cups filtered water      


Ariel shot      

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