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Modern Geometric Designs are the latest trend, show your style with your yoga towel! Designed by Windmiler Design Group this towel design is unisex and perfect for the reformer, spin bike or yoga mat. 

We love to sweat it out. Whether it’s from a good jog, a grueling spin class, reformer session or an hour of hot yoga, there’s no better barometer to a great workout. Sweat is diligence and hard work. And while we love sweat, we don’t like wiping it off with nasty, over bleached, scratchy gym towels, so we made out own from 100% cotton. You know Grandma's drying towel that she embroidered on? Well this is it, except we use better cotton, screen print an awesome design and hem all 4 sides to keep it looking tight for over 100+ washes. 

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