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Get The Funk Out kills all odor causing bacteria. Do your clothes smell smoky? Did the odors from the restaurant you visited stay on your clothes? You don't need to wash them to get them smells out, simply spray Get The Funk Out all over your stinky clothes, let sit out over night and you can wear them again, scent free the next day. Other sprays make you smell like a flower garden or a basket of fresh laundry, Get The Funk Out uses essential oils to lightly fragrance but it doesn't stay with the clothes. 

Here are a few ways we like to use it everyday.

  • Spray GTFO on your delicates after you've removed them so you can wear them again without washing.
  • Spray GTFO in the armpits of a polyester work shirt to get the sweat smell out.
  • Spray GTFO on your hair after you've sweat.
  • Spray GTFO on your hair after enjoying a meal at a strong smelling ethnic restaurant. 
  • Spray GTFO on hair after being around smoke, removes bon fire smell even!


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