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After falling in love with yoga, I also became obsessed with the ever so stylish and comfortable Lululemon apparel, wearing it constantly. But after wearing a piece for about two months, I realized it carried a funky smell despite my hygienic washing habits. My solution was to go out and buy another pair, but after the fifth time of doing this, my husband said it had to stop. But I needed to feed my Lululemon obsession, so I did some research on why I was having to recycle my workout gear so often. I discovered that our bodies create bacteria that is released in our sweat. Luckily for us, that bacteria loves lycra and polyester—two fabrics common in Lululemon, Nike, Athleta and all workout apparel that wicks sweat away from the body. That bacteria sets into these fabrics just two hours after sweating, and once that happens it will never get out! So my normal routine of yoga in the morning, throwing my sweaty clothes into the hamper Monday-Friday and washing it all together over the weekend was actually CAUSING my clothes to smell over time; I was letting the bacteria set in for almost a week before doing laundry. I didn’t want to change my ways though—my laundry system made sense to me. I decided to play scientist and I DIY’d a formula in my kitchen that prevents the funk in my clothes and neutralizes sweaty odors, too.

Did you know that workout clothes that wick the sweat away from our bodies actually hold onto the odor causing bacteria? The bacteria is called the micrococci bacteria and it loves polyester and lycra, once it sets into the fabric which is 2 hours after sweating you'll never get it out of the clothes. If you have to run errands after class you're screwed, and you smell because the odor intensifies 2 hours after sweating too. Get The Funk Out (GTFO) kills the odor causing bacteria so it doesn't set into your clothes and it neutralizes the odors.


Great for yoga mats, gym equipment, athletic gear, you can even get a 2nd or 3rd use of clothes between washes. No time to change out of your workout clothes? Spray Get The Fun kOut and you can feel and smell confident and fresh, you've killed the bacteria and neurtralized the embarrassing odors caused by your sweat. 

Directions for clothes:

Spray GTFO all over clothes and heavily in the Y regions (crotch and pits) immediately after sweating to neutralize odros and stop fungus from growing and kil the odro casuing bacteria left behind in your sweat. Wash as recommended by the manufacturer. 

Directions for Gear:

Spray on any surface that has come into contact with sweat, wipe dry with a clean towel.


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