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I'm Patty Post, a Minnesota native, yogi and runner when the temperatures are above freezing(whimpy). My husband Andrew is a hunky firefighter and together we have three awesome kids, Will (11), Topher (8), and Lillian (4). We’re an active family in all seasons; running, boxing, playing/coaching football, hockey, dance, gymnastics – we do it all. I’ve been in sales for ten years now, selling everything from supply chain technology to medical devices. But I’ve always had a passion for owning my own business, entpreneur, mompreneur: being my own boss and controlling my destiny is what I want. With exercise and nutrition playing huge parts in my life, the fitness market seemed like the perfect niche for me to create this reality. I believe that fitness allows a person to live their best life, both physically and mentally, and that nutrition is vital to keeping the body in sync and staying energized and healthy.

I am a firm believer in goals, more importantly I believe in the plan that is followed to accomplish goals. I believe that women shouldn't feel bad for getting out into the work force. 

In 2008, I fell in love with yoga at Corepower Yoga in Edina, Minnesota. My go-to classes were heated yoga and yoga sculpt. In 2011, I was inspired to open my own yoga and fitness studio, but I put my plan on hold and decided to dive into the fitness market with a more creative approach. I wanted to create a unique new product—one that would solve problems of workout fiends like myself. And I did! My first product is Sweathouse towels, and they’re designed specifically for the yoga market. When I first started yoga, I didn’t like the towel rental option; they smelled like bleach, felt scratchy on my face and who knows where those things have been. Bath hand towels from home were small yet bulky at the same time, and the microfiber fabrics were clogging my pores. On a whim one day, I grabbed an old dishtowel with Scottie dogs embroidered on the back, and it was surprisingly the perfect sweat towel! It was light, soft, absorbent and dried quickly. I could use it to deepen my stretches and hold my neck during core work, as well. So I figured, why not recreate the dishtowel with beautiful designs on them to please the third eye of yogis everywhere? And this little revelation helped me to create Sweathouse sweat towels.

After falling in love with yoga, I also became obsessed with the ever so stylish and comfortable Lululemon apparel, wearing it constantly. But after wearing a piece for about two months, I realized it carried a funky smell despite my hygienic washing habits. My solution was to go out and buy another pair, but after the fifth time of doing this, my husband said it had to stop. But I needed to feed my Lululemon obsession, so I did some research on why I was having to recycle my workout gear so often. I discovered that our bodies create bacteria that is released in our sweat. Luckily for us, that bacteria loves lycra and polyester—two fabrics common in Lululemon, Nike, Athleta and all workout apparel that wicks sweat away from the body. That bacteria sets into these fabrics just two hours after sweating, and once that happens it will never get out! So my normal routine of yoga in the morning, throwing my sweaty clothes into the hamper Monday-Friday and washing it all together over the weekend was actually CAUSING my clothes to smell over time; I was letting the bacteria set in for almost a week before doing laundry. I didn’t want to change my ways though—my laundry system made sense to me. I decided to play scientist and I DIY’d a formula in my kitchen that prevents the funk in my clothes and neutralizes sweaty odors, too.


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