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Saucha - All-natural Spray

We love sweat. Whether it’s from a hot yoga session, a good jog, a grueling spin class there’s no better barometer to a great workout. Sweat is diligence and hard work. And while we love sweat, we don’t like wiping it off with nasty, over bleached gym towels, and we definitely don’t like the funky smell that sweat leaves behind in our uber expensive yoga and workout clothes. So we started thinking.

What if someone created a soft, absorbent, multi-purpose towel that we could use to wipe up sweat, deepen stretches, and support the neck during our ab workouts? And what if someone created an all-natural spray that we could use to get the funk out of our yoga clothes?

What if that someone was us? So like any motivated workout junkie, we became that someone. We developed our line of Sweat House Towels and our Saucha Spray, post yoga spray to improve your workout experience before, during, and after you get your sweat on.

Introducing Saucha post yoga spray and Sweat House Towels.


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