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Sweat House Studio Towels are soft, absorbent and oh-so-stylish. We created this towel by accident in a mad rush to get to a 6 AM yoga class I grabbed a flour sack dish towel as my sweat towel and realized it was the best towel that I had ever used. Super soft, absorbent, light weight and long enough to use to deepen my stretch and cradle my neck while doing sit-ups. I used it for months and I'd try to go back to the studio rental towel or bathroom hand towel and they just didn't cut it. They were scratchy or they didn't absorb my sweat, they merely rubbed it around. Something my towels didn't have were unique designs, and thats when I started creating designs for the towels and it all came together. 
7 Chakras towel with a GTFO
Made from premium cotton fabric, 130 thread count, hemmed on 4 sides, and screen printed with beautiful designs these towels will last just like your dish towels.  


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