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Yoga Pants and Dry Wicking Clothes

Yoga with Get The Funk Out

 Have you ever had a pair of yoga pants that smell like a dirty dish rag after they've been washed? Thats because you probably didn't wash them right after you wore them. The odor causing bacteria created by our bodies and left behind in our sweat gets stuck in the Lyra and Polyester of the fabric and just 2 hours after sweating it begins to grow. If you practice hot yoga you probably are familiar with this. Even after we wash our yoga wear the bacteria holds onto the fabric and over time it builds up which causing the stench. The stench is also heat activated, so you might not notice the funk right away, but 10 minutes into your run or practice it's quite clear that you're funky!

 Sports Wash is great if you're able to wash your clothes right after you exercise but we don't always have time to do that and that's when you need to Get The Funk Out. Kill the odor causing bacteria and prevent it from getting stuck in the Lycra and Polyester of your clothes.


 We all have busy lifestyles and when we hit the studio many times we have errands to run after class. Many of us smell offensive after class and if we let the sweat dry on our clothes the bacteria begins to grow and it creates a different odor, thats why suddenly you smell BO. Prevent that smell with Get The FUnk Out. Spray heavily in the Y regions (crotch and pits) to neutralize the odors, our bodies create the most bacteria in these regions. Other sprays just mask the odor with a strange unnatural smell. Get The Funk Out kills the bacteria using natural ingredients that have been killing bacteria for centuries and the scent is natural too. 



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