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Saucha Spray

$ 16.00

Saucha Spray
Saucha Spray Saucha Spray Saucha Spray Saucha Spray Saucha Spray

$ 16.00

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Saucha Spray can be used on any fabric to kill odors, naturally. Saucha in sanskirt means cleanliness and purity, the objective of the spray. Developed by a yogi and busy professional Mom, Patty Post, created the anti-funk spray because she was sick of her yoga clothes smelling just after a few months after purchasing them. She realized that her sweat, and habit of washing her yoga clothes hours; sometimes even days after practicing was causing the funk. The bacteria in our sweat sets into fabric just 2 hours after sweating and once it's in it's really hard to get out. So she created a formula that prevents the funk from setting in, spray on fabric after sweating to keep your clothes and gear smelling fresher, longer.

She realized that it can be used on anything even hockey equipment, dance costumes!

After you namaste, spray Saucha. 

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